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Pizza Squid is a 2-player vs. game where you control a hungry squid in the heat of a pizza eating competition. Using four of your tentacles, eat as many slices as you can before the timer runs out! Whoever eats the most pizza in three rounds wins!

This project was developed over the course of 48 hours during Global Game Jam 2015. Sometime after the jam, updates were made to include keyboard support. Developed with two Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers in mind.


Xbox 360/One Controller:

A/B/X/Y - Select Tentacle

RT - Grab/Spin

Start - Show Pause Menu

Left Thumbstick - Move Tentacle

Keyboard Left Side:

1/2/3/4 - Select Tentacle

F - Grab/Spin

Escape - Show Pause Menu

W/A/S/D - Move Tentacle

Keyboard Right Side:

7/8/9/0 - Select Tentacle

: - Grab/Spin

Enter - Show Pause Menu

I/J/K/L - Move Tentacle

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Published Jan 25, 2015
TagsLocal multiplayer, Versus
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Pizza Squid v1.3.1.zip 11 MB